Why Perestroïka?

Welcome to my personal blog talking about Malwares and Reverse Engineering in general. This article is a quick FAQ about this blog.

Why the name Perestroïka?

Perestroïka is actually the name of my Malware Analysis VM since 1 year already.

I found the name while listening to an album i like :

Dosseh – Perestroïka

Progressively, i found some interesting things in this word that represents my work.

PErestroïka : Represents the type of malwares with which i am most comfortable

PeREstroïka : This is clearly my domain (Reverse Engineering)

And definitely, the russian word Perestroïka stands for « restructuring », the goal of Reverse Engineering. We can also notice the cold war atmosphere that consists staying ahead of opponents technologically, as Malware Researchers and Cyber Criminals.

Why are certain articles written in French and others in english?

I am French and i think writing articles in English can help me a lot mastering the language, that’s why you can notice some language mistakes here.

Writing in English also brings more visibility than French, because the majority of people interested in this field speaks English.

But i will not use a fixed language for this site, sometimes i can write in French, sometimes in English.

What kind of content can i find on this site?

My favorite series is by far MABR (Malware Analysis By a Rookie), this is so fun to make, i can learn while keeping everything on paper.

But i can (and i definitely will!) diversify my content by making other articles (always related to Reverse Engineering or at least Cyber Security), stay tuned! 😉

I’m not communist at all btw

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